Captain Gerald Coffee and Coffee Enterprises are excited about the creation of our new blog, “Beyond Survival.” The purpose of this blog is broad. First, we want to help everyone understand the life of Jerry Coffee; from his remarkable story and unique history to his speaking career and more. While Beyond Survival the book provides great insight, we feel there is so much more that we can share about Jerry, the POW’s and Vietnam War. We will be blogging pictures and videos that will give you a more comprehensive understanding.

Along with posting from the past, we will be looking into the future. This has been a very busy year for Coffee Enterprises and with so many new projects in the works we needed a way to keep everyone up-to-date. Without giving too much away, we’ve been working hard on several things for the upcoming 40-year anniversary of the return of the North Vietnam POWs next February.

Most importantly though, we realize that times are hard for everyone these days and now, more than ever, it’s essential to continue spreading the faith, courage and inner strength. While many of you will have already heard Jerry speak or have read his book, it’s still important to be reminded of his message of reaffirming the invincibility of the human spirit. There will be blog posts of quotes from Jerry’s book as well as messages from him personally to keep a constant reminder for everyone to stay strong in every situation.

We appreciate your continued support and are glad that you join us on this new journey into the blogging world! Please share this blog site with your colleagues, friends, and family.