Cuban Missile Crisis

As many of you know, this October marked the 50th Anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis. After half a century it’s still hard to forget John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev’s battle of power that nearly detonated a nuclear war. Suspicions began to arise of the Soviets secretly putting nuclear weapons in Cuba aimed at … Continue reading Cuban Missile Crisis →

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Honoring Fallen Heros

Ottawa Hills, Ohio, is a beautiful little residential enclave on the edge of Toledo. With shady streets and manicured lawns providing the setting for a diverse collection of upscale homes forming a town large enough to support it’s own school district; Ottawa Hills Elementary, Junior and Senior High Schools. OHHS is the alma mater of … Continue reading Honoring Fallen Heros →

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The Vigilante – “A Smooth Ride”

The Vigilante, or “Vigi”, was a great airplane to fly aboard ship (or anywhere) because it felt solid; like “being on rails”. Because as the “recce” version of the A-5A (the original attack version) it was heavier but with the same engines, so it was a little under powered, and required closer attention to the … Continue reading The Vigilante – “A Smooth Ride” →

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